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Non-standard wooden pallet collars, non-standard collars, non-standard boxes

SIA "TARA.LV" is one of the biggest wooden packaging manufacturers located in Riga, Latvia. We manufacture and supply all known industrial types of a wooden packaging like new pallets and used pallets, pallet collars, boxes, plywood as well as some types of plastic packaging (plastic pallet collars included) for different Industries around the European Union and even worldwide.

Our assortment of wooden pallets and pallet collars is made to fit every customer's requirements, for every occassion and every industry. We manufacture and supply both with standard types of pallets, where two-way or four-way pallets 600x400, 800x600, 1200x800, 1200x1000, 1140x760 are used to be a standard as well as with any types of non standard pallets having sizes in between 300mm and 4500mm in length and width.

Pallet collars is the another and extremely important product for the industry. Pallet collars allow to convert a pallet into a box in one move. Pallet collars can store huge amount of bulky industrial goods allowing to move and store them easily. Pallet collars are made of sturdy Baltic wood and being packed in stacks, 108pcs each. Pallet collar market is developing aggressively thus we follow-up these trends by designing a brand-new type of pallet collars - non-planned collars made of 2-4 boards for the best proportion in between the price and quality.

Pallet collar corners

pallet collars, aufsatzrahmen, pallerammer, pallkragar, palešu rāmji, паллетные борта, rehausses

Plastic corners for wooden pallet stacking frames allow you to securely stack multiple pallets and collars. High-quality, impact-resistant PE guarantees consistent good quality.

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